Welcome to the Early Childhood Center

The Early Childhood Center's Orientation Information


Welcome to the Early Childhood Center!


All registered students are invited to attend our Getting to Know Me Day on Wednesday, August 30th. Once classes are finalized, teacher letters will be sent out with important information regarding this orientation. 


During your 45-minute session, students and parents will meet the classroom teacher(s) and staff and receive important information regarding class and school expectations. The bus company and PTO will also be available at the school to answer any questions. ALL students must register with the bus company (First Student). Bus routes/information are published in the Sunrise. Please verify that the bus information is correct during your visit.


Students will receive their school ID lanyard which should be worn every day for at least one month. This ID will contain the necessary bus information (number and drop off).


The Getting to Know Me Day is NOT a full day of school (students will arrive to their session with their parent(s) and leave together after their visit).

The first FULL DAY of school at the ECC is on Thursday, 31 August 2017. On Thursday, bus transportation will be provided for all registered students. Morning drop off will be at the Ferri Cafeteria doors from 8:00 am- 8:10 am. Students will be dismissed (buses and parent pick up) from the Early Childhood Center beginning at 2:30 pm.


The school hours are 8:15 am- 2:30 pm. Any student arriving after 8:15 am will be marked tardy and must be signed in at the ECC.

We are all excited for our year ahead and we look forward to meeting everyone at our August 30th orientation session. 
ECC Classroom Supply List
Includes the following:

Hand sanitizer



2 boxes

Cushioned headphones (not earbuds)

1 set

Paper towel



Box of 24

Glue Sticks






Happy Together

Putting the FUN in learning!

A Message from the Principal, Julie-anne Zarrella

  A special thank you to Dr. DiLullo, parents, guardians, teachers, staff, PTO, School Committee and the Johnston community for their devotion to our kindergarteners. 



School Notes



If your child is showing any signs of illness or has a fever greater than 100, please keep your child home. If he/she becomes ill at school, please be available or have a designated person to pick up your child in a timely manner. Please keep all emergency contact numbers updated.

Please refer to the Kinder Handbook 

for any questions regarding illness at school. 

Please contact the nurse with any

other medical questions or concerns.


Please note the following:

  • Notify the school if your child is absent. 
  • A doctor’s note is required after 3 consecutive days.
  • Refer to the JPS District Wellness Policy, NO food is to be brought or sent in to school for celebration or classroom activities.  We must be cautious with different allergies we have in our student population.  Any celebration/activity that may include a snack or treat, Aramark Food Service will be consulted and notice for permission will be sent home by the teacher.
  • Dress children for upcoming weather, appropriate outerwear should be worn. Children may go outdoors for recess, PE class, classroom activities and fire/evacuation drills.              
  • Please keep an extra set of clothes in your child’s backpack for spills, accidents or playground incidents.


Thank you,




Neighborhood Peers Program

What is the Neighborhood Peers Program? Check out our Flyer

1st Grade

 Where will my child go when he/she leaves kindergarten for first grade?
Click image to find out.

Student Handbook


Letter to Students

Here is the letter sent to all Kindergarten Students. Click on the envelope to read.
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